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Sunday, December 2, 2012

photography 2.0

as you might know, i am going to be applying for a free
 three week summer program that totally deals with the arts. 
it's a huge deal to every one in the arts in my state, and i really really want to get it
as in "how much longer until the next 11:11" kind of wish

that being said, i'm applying for the "new media" group which deals with photography and movie stuff.
i'm more interested in the photography side, but i am also interested in learning about film making! 

this is the second edition to my photography series, and I would love to hear your feedback! constructive criticism allowed! 

these two are the same, just one's in color and one is blcack&white 

what are your thoughts?

thanks for reading! 


  1. Wow, these are great Chloe! I'm obviously not an expert, but I think it would be cool if you played with the light to make it even more interesting!

    1. thank you! i'll definitely play around with it, thanks for the feedback!

  2. I love the black and white one! I always think photographs look so professional in black and white - great job :)

  3. The simplicity goes a lot further in the black and white photo! I say go with that!!

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