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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

random ramblings

i had one of those days today where i did absolutely nothing


throughout the day i continued to tell myself that i was going to do something after i finished watching a recorded show
but then after i finished that show i saw another recorded show that i wanted to watch

virtual school is tough y'all
it might sound like "stay in your pajamas school"
but in reality it's "get motivated school" 

i only completed one assignment today
but what-evs tomorrow is another day
i'm going to try and buckle down tomorrow and get stuff done 
i have to write two essays by then end of the week-ish so i really need to get motivated 

i'm kind of rolling with this blog post as I write
i don't really have any direction for this post, but those are the best kind, right?

have you updated your instagram?
don't, it's horrible 
they even changed the sample filter picture into a hot air balloon instead of the tree
i happened to like that tree
i also don't like how the news page is set up
if apps asked my opinions on how they should update everyone would be in a better place

i did have some pretty witty tweets today though
(do tweets become less witty when the author says that they're witty?)

guess who won a free blog make over?! 
this girl! 
how exciting is that?! 
i can't wait for the finished product, and today I took the first step with the girl who's making it
 (she seems like such a sweet heart, and I can't wait to work with her) 
and i had to create an inspiration board on Pinterst here's the link if you want to see the direction i'm going in :

I went into a local consignment shop the other day and found this lands end vest for only $23! 
i've been dying for a vest for the longest time, and this one is just pure perfection
i'll be posting some OOTDs featuring this vest soon

i'm thinking about doing a post later this week of pinterest inspired outfits
i seeing pictures of how people take an outfit off on pinterest and make it their own
its cool

sorry this was kind of a lame post
thanks for reading! 

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  1. I was so confused when I tried to Instagram a picture this morning! I liked the old one so much better!