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Friday, December 7, 2012

freebie friday!

hey y'all! 

i don't have a series on my blog besides cheap chic 
(but that's not weekly so it doesn't count)
i've been brainstorming on a series idea that i though everyone would like! 

currently my most read story is free iphone backgrounds. i still constantly get e-mails asking from people asking me to make one for them, but i just haven't had the time to make individualized monogrammed backgrounds (which i'm super sorry about) 
that being said i've decided to take the freebie route! 
every friday i'm going to have one or two background freebies for you! 
ahh get excited 
sometimes i might switch it up and make computer backgrounds or printables, but it'll be a surprise every week.

today is the first friday of this series and I couldn't be more excited! 
my mom and i have a website together called popcosmo and i made these backgrounds for that website too! 

i'm only going to share two of my backgrounds on here, but if you want to see what else i made definitely go check the others out! 

also, i made this Jack Spade inspired noel little picture
i just think it's so clever, even though i didn't come up with it ;)
i think it would look adorable in a little frame!

if you make any of these backgrounds your background, then tweet/instagram it and tag me and popcosmo (@preppydiaries and popcosmo)

if you have any ideas for next week's backgrounds, then leave a comment below! 
let me know what text, background pattern/color, or anything else
if i really like your idea i just might make it! 

thanks for reading! 

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