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Thursday, January 31, 2013

awkward story : i can't draw

hey y'all 
can we just take a moment to appreciate the awkward moments in life
honestly, where would we be without them?
let's be honest, they make us who we are.

that being said, i'm back with yet another awkward story

so here goes nothing 

about a month ago my mom discovered these art classes that were being held in my town. the prices were reasonable and they sounded fun - so I signed up.
which classes did i sign up for you ask?
good question.
i signed up for photography and portfolio.
most of y'all know that i'm interested in photography and i'm kind of good at it so I went to my first class and i had a blast. this class is held once a week for about ten weeks. it's an all girls class so it's super fun and girly - obviously. 
so that class is going smoothly & unawkwardly.

but my portfolio class is a whole different story.
my mom and i both assumed that the portfolio class is a class where you take in your pieces of art and the instructor will help you matte it and give you feedback/critques.
we were wrong. 
very wrong.
portfolio class is where you go to paint and draw. 
it's not a class where they teach you how to paint and draw - it's a class where really good painters and drawers go to paint and draw.

y'all, i can not paint and i can not draw. i literally can't even draw a stick figure.
the best i can do is draw a smiley face.
so i showed up to this class ready & confident.

i got there and the instructor had a still life scene set up and she said that we had to draw/paint it.
so everyone gathered around the supplies table and chose their pencils, charcoal, other drawing tools.
then they cut their paper - watercolor paper, regular paper, and other professional artist paper. 
i stood and watched them hoping that i could just waste the next two hours picking out my supplies.

it was so embarrassing like i didn't even know how to take the wrapper off of the pencils(?) or which paper was acceptable to use with the certain drawing material.
so eventually i settled with paper that reminded me most of printer paper and pencils that reminded me most of number 2 pencils. 
i then asked my teacher if i had to draw the still life setting. I'm pretty sure my excuse was "because I really found something on instagram that I want to try to draw"
ha yeah - i didn't even know that I would be drawing.

for the next two hours i bs-ed my artwork.
i texted my dad a couple of times.
sharpened my pencil a couple of times.
and went to the bathroom a couple of times.

i am not meant to be a painter or a drawer.

here's what i tried to draw :

here's what i "drew" : 
(this took two hours, mind you) 
and yes, i know how horrible it is 

here's what one of the girls in my class had previously drawn - she has an instagram (@itsslania) with over 15,000 followers.
um, what?
yeah, she's that good 
and according to her, these are "sketches"
according to me they're the mona lisa
gosh, i wish i had her skill! 

can you draw? 
what's your hidden talent?

thanks for reading!
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  1. your drawing looks good! I am so awful at it, I swear the best I can do is a stick figure, haha.

  2. I like it too!!!