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Friday, February 1, 2013

strut your stuff

hey y'all!

some of you might now that i have a slight obsession with beauty gurus on youtube! 
i've been watching a lot of them for about two years, but the very first one i started watching was meaganheartsmakeup. i'm sure you've heard of her, and if not i definitely suggest you go check her channel out! 

that being said, she just uploaded a new video called "YOU can be a model
she is hosting a contest where us normal girls ( ;) ) can upload pictures and try to win a free trip to new york to model for e.l.f. cosmetics! 
how awesome is that?
i signed up just for the heck of it so it would mean a ton ton ton if y'all could go "vote" for me! 
you can vote up to five times a day too! 
please click (here) if you would like to vote for me! 
you know you want to;)

i challenge you to sign up too! you've got nothing to lose - right?
if you sign up, leave the link to your entry in the comments and I'll be sure to vote for you too! 

are you going to sign up?

thanks for reading!
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