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Monday, January 21, 2013

the tale of the fortune teller

i have always believed in horoscopes and fortune tellers
in fact, the first page i read in seventeen magazine happens to be the horoscope page 
(i'm a capricorn)

there is a palm reader just down the street from my house, and i have ALWAYS wanted to go
every time we pass it and i see the "open" sign i beg my mom to take me in
to this day i have never been in it
but that being said, today my mom, brother, and i went to "the worlds most amazing flea market" just a little day trip from my house
we also went to the zappos outlet/warehouse store and i snagged some $20 pink and green jack rogers, but that's a story for a different day

at the worlds most amazing flea market we walked aisle by aisle just browsing at all the "amazing" finds. we walked through the entire place and finally came to the last aisle. as we were walking down it, we saw a tarot card reader and my mom was like 
"chloe, you have to get your cards read"
and i was like 
"yeah i should"
and then she said 
"here's some money go do it"
and then i said 
"but i'm kinda scared"
so we continued walking down the aisle as i was debating whether or not a tarot card reader could be seen reading my cards in the near future
i eventually decided that i shouldn't be scared of the idea of my future and just do it
so i did it
i got my cards read

here's how it went down:
i payed $5 for the fortune lady to answer three of my questions

*all words that are in asterisks are my thoughts*

my first question was 
"what will i be when i grow up career wise"
her/the cards answer:
"i think you would make an amazing nurse. maybe an accountant. hmm. ahh. hmm. oh i know, you would be an amazing teacher"
*holy smokes, did she just say teacher? this must be legit*

my next questions was :
"will i get healthier soon"
her/the cards answer :
"you need to keep searching for your answer. you can't stop until you find it. just keep searching. and you need to believe in yourself more. yeah definitely believe in yourself"
*gosh, that's my motto "believe in yourself" how did she know that. this is starting to freak me out a little bit*

and because i couldn't think of a third question she just told me to pick random cards and then she would read them for me. 
"do you have a boyfriend? no? well it seems you're going to get one soon. it'll start out as a friendship but turn into a relationship, but you'll have a boyfriend in the near future. hmm you're also going to have a new girlfriend to hangout with. and it looks like you're going to live until you're about 90. yes, you're going to have a long happy life"
*oolala a boyfriend. and a new friend. sweet. oh and living a long happy life is reassuring. that's awesome. i should get my fortune read more often*

the fortune teller told me more information throughout the reading, but i can't remember it all! but that's definitely the gist of it!

if you've been debating whether or not to get your palm read or your your tarot cards read - do it.
it's scary. and freaky. and weird. but it's also amazing. cool. and still kinda freaky.

have you ever had your fortune read/told?
do you want to get your fortune read/told?

thanks for reading
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  1. I got my palm read by a "witch" but she pretty much scammed us. She told me I would be very successful in my life and that was about it. Then she told me I had a brother (DUH! I knew that) and that was that.

    1. oh no! well at least she was right about you having a brother, so you know you'll definitely have a successful future :)

  2. I'd love to do something like that. I find tarot to be so interesting.