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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ann Taylor : not just your mothers store

i'm going to fill you in with the secret of a lifetime
ann taylor is my new j.crew 
contrary to popular belief, ann taylor is not just a "mom & grandma" store, they actually have some super cute things for really great prices! 
i happened to stroll in to an ann taylor the other day and i found two shirts right off the bat that i fell in love with. not only were they both really cute and great quality, but they were on super sale 
i got both shirts for under $75, and they were originally about $100 each! 
also, the people working in the stores aren't stuck up college kids they are sweet little ladies that will help you decide which size shirt looks best on you ;)

even though you might perceive a store a certain way, don't knock it 'till you try it! 
you can find very stylish and cute things in stores that you may not exactly love at first sight! 
so next time you're at the mall or doing some online shopping, be sure to check out ann taylor, because it really isn't just for your mother! 

new arrivals : 

super sale section : 

have you ever shopped at ann taylor?
what's your favorite misperceived store?

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  1. I'm loving the last 2 shirts!! Maybe I'll have to go.....!

  2. Love Ann Taylor! That's where I got my father daughter dance dress! My favorite mispercieved store is probably Talbots!


  3. I have a really good friend from school who swears by Ann Taylor!! She says the same thing, "Not just your mothers store" haha and she always has the cutest outfits!