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Monday, February 18, 2013

-purse necessities-

for some of us, our purses are our lifelines 
without them we would be completely lost - even though we might not use half the things inside of them

for others our purses are just wallet and mint carriers 
we often times tell ourselves to add "this or that" to the contents of our purse, but constantly forget to follow through with our own request

here is what i think every girl should keep in their purse and why :

1. Chapstick : if you're a girl who doesn't like to wear lipstick all the time (like me) then chapstick is great so you can keep your lips nice and smooth - not to mention healthy - without making your lips the center of attention

2. pearl earrings : i almost always have pearls in my ears and when I forget to put them in i just feel simply "off" for the rest of the day. keep a cheap pair in your purse so you will always feel primped and proper

3. bandaids : from uncomfortable shoes to paper cuts, you never seem to have a bandaid when you need them! always keep one or two in your purse so you can help yourself out or help a friend out when in need! *remember to re-fuel your stock when you use them*

4. money - obviously you don't want to go anywhere without money - disaster waiting to happen - whether you carry $5 or $100 keep it safe and secure in your purse or wallet

5. pen and paper - whether you need to remember someone's name or inspiration strikes, make sure you have something and somewhere to write it down! 

6. tic tacs & gum - sometimes you need to freshen up but gum lasts to long or tic tacs wont do the trick. make sure to carry both - just in case, you never know when you will need one or the other

7. last but not least - pony tail holders - most of the time i have a pony tail holder on my wrist, but the days i forget i just don't know what to do with myself. always make sure you have at least one of these safely tucked away! 

what's your purse necessity?

thanks for reading! 
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  1. I always have pen and a notepad! And I absolutely can't live without chapstick...if I forget it in my purse/backpack it gets BAD

  2. Bahh I can never remember to bring those darn hair bands!

  3. My other essential is a needle and thread! You just never know when that emergency might strike!!

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  4. I agree with those but I also usually have a snack of some kind like a granola bar or nuts!

  5. AH!! That Tory!! :) I simply love it.