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Monday, February 11, 2013

embarrassing confession

what are the symptoms of bieber fever, because if the symptoms include "spending your time watching justing bieber on chelsea lately videos on youtube" then I think i have officially caught the fever 

i also just officially learned that the i comes before the e in bieber 
so go me! 

let's be honest. I have never been a really "fan girl" when it comes to music stars.

yes i like 1direction, but no i don't think it's possible that they will lock eyes with me while singing on stage in front of 976847 other girls and want to marry me. so i don't think i am a one direction fan girl.

i love mumford and sons but i missed my chance for them to fall in love with me when my grandma failed to tell me that she had a conversation with them inside her hotel until after i was driving her away. 

i've been to two justin bieber concerts too, so that makes me pretty cool right?
i also bought a $30 concert t-shirt so that makes me even cooler 

buut i sometimes get lost in the world of youtube and find myself watching justien bieber interview after interview. i also find myself wishing that i knew him in real life - well actually wishing that he knew me in real life. 
i mean i kind of look like selena gomez. we both have brown hair and brown eyes - so i have that going for me. 

he really is such a cutie 
i mean just watch these videos and see for yourself.
if you still don't like him after these videos then i'm sorry, but we can't be friends
i mean you can still read my blog, but we're not besties. 
sorry 'bout it.
if you disrespect the biebs then i disrespect you. 

i went there. 

that should be enough to keep you procrastinating for a little while ;) 

please feel free to admit that you have been diagnosed with bieber fever too! 

Thanks for reading!
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1 comment:

  1. I won't judge you if you don't judge me.... Except mine's with Hunter Hayes {The Justin Beiber of Country music}... My mom is even in love with him!