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Monday, March 11, 2013

liebster award

hey everyone! 
dorothy from prep in your step nominated me for the liebster award! 
you should definitely go check out her blog! 

i love that this award entails you to answer questions about yourself / share some weird facts about yourself.

What the Liebster Award is: "Liebster" is a German word meaning kind, sweet, or generous.
  • Once nominated by another blogger, the blogger has to answer a set of questions asked to them by the person who nominated them, and then pass it on to other blogs they think would deserve the award if they chose to do so!
  • List 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked to you, write your own 11 questions, and nominate 11 other up and coming blogs.
  • Also in the post, you should thank whoever nominated you and attach a link of their blog, out of courtesy.
  • It is a great way to acknowledge other awesome blogs and bloggers and to get to know fellow bloggers better!

even though i just posted a 25 facts about me vlog i will try super hard to come up with 11 more creative facts  

1. i've been really liking the color yellow lately 
2. i literally can't wait for it to be warm outside so i can wear all of my summer dresses again
3. i check the weather channel app on my phone a ridiculous amount of times a day
4. i really love Eminem
5. i'm a self proclaimed pinterest addict - like get me off of it (but not really)
6. i love to read memoirs about people who have had rough lives. i don't know why but their stories just intrigue me. if you like these kinds of books then you should read Three Little Words i've re-read it and that says a lot about the book! 
7. my friends mom makes the worlds best shepards pie and i could eat 95762 pounds of it 
8. i had a goldfish once that lived for five years. and it wasn't some exotic, expensive goldfish either. it was the kind that you win at the fair. the kind that is only supposed to last five hours. this fish even had some personality - call me crazy but it really did! 
9. i'm a sucker for cute packaging. even if i don't need a certain product, i will buy it if it has cute packaging. i'm a  consumerist
10. i try to be crafty but if i can't get something to look the way i want it to then i give up and storm off. i think  i like digital art so much, because i CAN get things to look the way i want them to! 
11. i hate getting pedicures. like why would i pay people to touch and tickle my feet? 

now for dorothy's questions for me : 

(1) What is your ideal Spring Break vacation spot?
Anywhere near the beach! 
(2) What is your favorite online boutique?
i don't typically do a lot of online shopping, because i'm super picky about the way things fit me
(3) If you could have any type of dog what type would it be?
 a german shepard
(4) Hot coffee or cold coffee?
hot during the cold months and cold during the hot months
(5) Jeans or dresses?
dresses fo' sho
(6) Would you rather wear your hair straight or curly?
in the past i've always worn it straight, but i'm learning to go my natural curly! 
(7) If you were a boy what was your name going to be?
my parents said that they only imagined me being a girl so they never came up with a boy name 
(8) Favorite color combination?
this is a difficult question, but probably tiffany blue and white 
(9) What is your favorite part of blogging?
being able to meet some awesome people, and being able to have a creative outlet
(10) If you were heading to college, what color would your comforter be? (I need y'alls help!)
gosh this is a hard question - i would probably get something lilly so it could cheer me up if i'm ever feeling homesick
(11) Favorite Blog Post you've written?

if you've made it this far then i nominate you! 
leave a comment below letting me know if you answer these following questions on your blog :
1. how old were you when you got your ears pierced?
2. favorite work out song?
3. your favorite color as of today?
4. favorite quote? 
5. how many siblings do you have?
6. if you could go out to dinner tonight, then where would you choose to go and why?
7. favorite drink (non-alchoholic) 
8. what's your favorite childhood memory?
9. who is your favorite person that you follow on instagram (besides me ;)) 
10. what do you think is your all-time best tweet?
11. what is your dream job?

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  1. I answered them!! :)