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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tweet Chats {all you need to know}

if you follow me on twitter - which let's be honest, you totally should - then you might have had your dashboard attacked by my tweets last night. if so then i apologize, but i do have a legitimate reason in doing so. 
i was doing a tweet chat! 

if you're not familiar with a tweet chat, then this post is for you my friend. 
I'm laying this post out in a second grade birthday invitation form, so bear with me here 

Who : 
Tweet chats are open to everyone! There are TONS of them out there, but usually they focus on a specific topic so you might not want to attend all of them. 

What : 
A tweet chat is essentially a conversation that is easy to follow by placing a specific hashtag at the end of a tweet. (I participated in the Blog Trends tweet chat which is why #blogtrends is at the end of all of my tweets from last night) A tweet chat is a great way to connect with new bloggers and meet new people. You can also answer and ask questions! It also allows for new people to find your blog, and potentially become followers! 

Where : 
Twitter, duh! Because following a hashtag is kind of difficult on the actual Twitter website though, I use an app called "TweetDeck" on my computer. In the app all I do is add a column so that I can follow the hashtag, and whenever someone tweets using that specific hashtag it pops up on the column! 
If you're interested in adding a column on TweetDeck, all you do is click the plus sign on the top left of the window, then click search, and then enter the specific hashtag. 

When : 
Different chats occur on different days, but they usually last about an hour. Here are a few that are related to blogging 
#blogtrends: occurs every monday night at 9pm eastern time. this is the chat that I participated in last night and it's great! you are free to ask/answer all questions about blogging 
#pinchat : occurs every wednesday at 9pm eastern time. this chat is all about the use of pinterest and how it can help your business/blog 
#stylechat : occurs every wednesday at 3pm eastern time. this chat is all about fashion and the latest trends
#blogchat : occurs every sunday at 9pm eastern time. this chat is like #blogtrends but a lot more people participate 
#chicchat : you definitely should come to this one! I host it over at @popcosmo and it's loads of fun. This one is every Tueday at 9pm eastern, and the topics are all about blogging. 
This is a perfect one to start with because there aren't as many people and it's only a half hour :) 

Why :
It's a great way to meet new people with similar interests. It's basically networking through twitter. Plus it's a lot of fun! 

I challenge you all to attend one of the tweet chats that I mentioned above! I'm going to try to attend most of them this week so hopefully i'll tweet you there ;) 
(get it? tweet you there, not see you there... gosh i'm witty) 
jokes jokes

stay tuned, because i'm planning something awesome 
announcement to come soon! 

if you have any questions about tweet chats feel free to e-mail me at preppydiaries@gmail.com
have you ever participated in a chat?

thanks for reading! 
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  1. Ahh thanks for this, Chloe! I'm planning on attending #blogtrends, #pinchat, and #blogchat!


  2. Coolio! I want to attend them but you know being a middle schooler prevails #curseyoubedtime.

  3. thanks for sharing -- I hadn't heard of these!!