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Monday, April 15, 2013

our education

i'm in one of those moods today where every little thing annoys me 
it's about to be my "time of the month" (tmi - sorry 'bout it ) but i've been grumpier than i usually am 
for some super weird reason when i'm in this mood, during this time of the month, i get super philosophical and become more curios and more baffled by the world we live in 
i am 100% happy and appreciative of live the life that i am lucky enough to live, but there are a few things that make me grumpier than ever, and that is our education 

i believe that we - as students, humans, teenagers, kids, adults, and people - are all different.
 we learn different ways. 
we love different ways. 
simply put, we are different. 
it's not a bad thing, but it is something that we need to understand. 
so when we are put into a classroom and are expected to be learn just like our neighbor or be "the top of the class" it just doesn't make any sense. 
i know i'm "just a kid" and i don't have much say in our education today
but i've always felt this way, even when i was in kindergarten.

so, today when i was taking a five minute youtube break from school i stumbled upon a video called
"I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate" 
and i fell in love with it.
i love the speaker and his powerful message
i love the music that fits perfectly 
i love the rhyming
i love it 

here's the video if you're interested in watching 

let me know what you think of this video
do we share the same feelings about our education?

thanks for reading, and sorry for getting all deep on you today ;) 
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