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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

things that make me happy

a list : 

- spending time alone. every once in a while it's nice to walk through the mall by yourself. you can do what you want, see what you want, and try on the ugliest clothes ever and nobody will care. when you're alone you can be 100% yourself. it's peaceful & nice, and it should happen every so often.

-marathon tv watching. who ever said running a marathon was an accomplishment has never watched an entire season of gossip girl in a day, because that my friends is an accomplishment

-singing at the top of my lungs in the car. i'm the worst singer ever, but when i'm singing in the car (or the shower) i feel like i'm center stage. i mean people should pay to watch my car singing performances

-thinking about the future, and how crazy and weird life and growing up is.
i mean i was seven yesterday, right?

-discovering new favorite movies.
first place : the breakfast club
second place : perks of being a wallflower

-meeting strangers who turn into life long friends
i was telling my dad the other day how crazy big the world is and how crazy small our towns are yet there are still lots of strangers in our little world
say hello to someone you don't know

what are your favorite things?
do we share any favorite things?

thanks for reading 
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  1. I LOVE spending time alone! My parents were away for Easter and I went o the beach all by myself for 4 days, it was AWESOME! And I'm totally on a gossip girl watching marathon right now. To bad school work is getting in the way! haha

    I just started the 3rd season!

  2. I loved reading this post! Plus you've reminded me of how awesome phil of the future used to be!

  3. Love the idea of this post! I agree that spending time alone is nice. :)