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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

common sense

there is an ongoing joke in my family on whether i have any common sense or not 
the answer is no, i don't really have any common sense
i mean i kinda do but i can get myself in some really awkward situations with some of my questions or comments 
i like to think that is why i'm pretty shy around new people, but if i say something stupid or "un-common sense like" then i usually play it off as a joke
"um, i was joking" 
"haha, but i was totally kidding"

 sometimes people just go along with my "i was joking" excuse but other people - namely my brother - continue to point out how i "literally have no common sense" 

just in case you don't have any common sense either, my hair is in a pony tail, and that is why it looks so short 

so why am i telling you all of this very un-important information?
because yesterday my dad, brother, and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few necessary items (gatorade, chocolate covered matzoh, tomatoes, and a few other very random items)

we got back to my dad's apartment (the one he lives in on the weekdays because he commutes from colorado to kentucky) and as we were getting into the elevator (keep in mind that i had three grocery bags in my hands) joking about whether or not i had any common sense my dad had the nerve to ask 
"chloe, do you think you have any common sense"
to which i responded 
"um, i think so"
but as i responded i tried to hit the floor number which coincidentally happens to be right next to the emergency call button. so you can probably see where this is going..
i hit the emergency call button instead of the correct floor button because i was too busy debating whether or not i have any common sense. 
the alarm in the elevator continued to go off and it was scary and i thought that the police were going to come question me, and then i would have to tell them of all people that i don't have any common sense

the police didn't come by the way - major phew on my part 

so with all of that being said, i think the universe was telling me that i was lying and that i actually DON'T have any common sense

thanks for believing in me, universe 

have you ever pressed a button that you weren't supposed to?
do you have any embarrassing stories to share with me so we can wallow in our misery together?

thanks for reading! 
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  1. Hahaha I have a similar story about my friend Elizabeth....we were at the pool by the snack bar and just so happened to be standing in front of the emergency call button. Elizabeth casually leaned against the wall to start licking her popsicle but really she leaned right up against the button. This loud siren went off and she was all alarmed like "umm..." and then a bunch of lifeguards came running out like "who drowned?!!" and she's still standing there like "umm..." ahahahaha. But just a plain embarrassing story of my own, I was in the airport and decided to practice my "ballet moves" and ended up kicking a lady in the shin. Yeah...


  2. hahaah it's okay! I totally lack common sense sometimes too! It's gotten better in college and now visiting my boyfriend in NYC-I was forced to develop it!


    xoxo, Frannie