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Monday, April 8, 2013

write it down

when i was younger i used to buy cute diaries that had the little locks on them, pretty much every time i saw one that i liked 
i would write in each of them for about three days and then give up 
i still have one of them that i kept when my parents went to france for a week. my brother and i stayed with our grandparents and my mom told us that she would bring us back a present if we kept a journal. i was about 8 so i was super stoked with this bribe but my brother - who was about 5 - wasn't too pleased. 
anyway i still go back and read that diary occasionally and absolutely love that i can read my inner most thoughts. 

all of that being said, i wish that i had kept a journal when i started high school. how cool would it be to look back when I'm 30 and see what my "problems" were in high school? pretty awesome. 
so i'm proposing an idea to myself.
i'm going to start keeping a nightly journal.
so starting soon (when i buy a super awesome cute one things haven't changed) every night before bed i'm going to write down what my day was like or what i'm feeling. 
i know i have a blog, but surprisingly i don't share all of my feelings and problems with you. 
shocker, i know. 

i challenge you to keep a nightly journal. it might seem like a chore or lame at first but when you're a grandma you can look back and literally remember your most secret deep thoughts. 
and maybe possibly share them with your granddaughters it'll seem that much cooler 

do you keep a journal/diary
where is your favorite place to shop for super cute notebooks?
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  1. I really like this idea and I gladly accept! Love your blog Chloe.


  2. That's so funny literally today I decided to start a line a day diary where I write down one line describing my day in the J.Crew word up journal. Great minds think alike! Haha ;)

  3. Oh how many times I have tried and subsequently failed immensely at this! But you're so right; it's important to be able to look back and see exactly who you were, not just rely on a distorted memory. It'll be so awesome to read back over things that I thought were a huge deal at the time to remind myself that everything's not as bad as it seems in the heat of the moment!

    xo Amy @ British Prep

  4. I absolutely love the concept of diaries but in the moment I never feel like writing my thoughts down. But later on reading about them in that past moment is the best thing ever. I have diaries from second, fifth, sixth, and the beginning of freshman year and looking back I wish I had recorded even more. I have a lot left to record so I'm going to try to start doing it again. :)

  5. I absolutely love keeping a journal. I got my first one when I was 6. Once I started, the rest was history. It's such a great way to keep track of major events... I love going back and seeing how much I have (or haven't) matured

    xx Ani @ Catch21

  6. I keep my diarys for many years now.
    Sure, sometimes I have these phases when I don't write for months at all but when I do I'm glad I did afterwards.
    It makes me happy to see all the memories I've made in the past years and I love going through my old diaries and think of the past.
    I think keeping a diary is one of the best decisions I've ever made :-)

  7. I love keeping journals! I've written in journals on and off since fifth grade. I tried writing in one every night, but it just got too difficult for me because I'm so busy. I'm planning on starting that up again, though!

    As for what I use for my journals - I just buy plain black and white composition notebooks and print out pictures that I love on Tumblr and Pinterest and fill the covers with the pictures so it's like a collage!