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Monday, May 6, 2013

childhood story 1

I had a pretty awesome childhood. I moved around a lot, but I always liked the adventure. I have met some awesome people in all the places I've lived, and learned even more awesome things about life.

that being said, I'm going to sporadically share some random stories from my childhood. sometimes these posts might even include pictures... so stay tuned 

At my house in Alabama we had a Kumquat tree in our backyard. 
(If you don't know what kumquats are, they are small teeny tiny orange-like things. They might be cute, but they taste like stale oranges.) 
Anyway, this tree was huge. I'm talking 6 feet tall and a 4 foot circumference. When my family first moved into the house, I was super stoked about awesome this tree was. I thought about all the possibilities these tree could bring me. I mean I'd never owned a tree/bush that actually produced something edible. I thought that I might even be able to sell the Kumquats in a local grocery store. 
I think when we first moved in I was still in the honey moon period with the Kumquat tree. I loved how cute the little orange fruits were, and how cool I thought I was to basically be a farmer. 

Then one day it all changed. I did something to provoke my mom. I probably talked back or wouldn't turn off the computer and stop playing on disneychannel.com. And that was when it happened. The first time my punishment was to clean up all the Kumquats that had fallen of the tree. 

Let me tell you something, Kumquats fall of the tree often. Like very, very often. Once the kumquats fall, they get moldy. Once the kumquats get moldy, flies and gnats start to swarm their insides. 
Picking up the kumquats was no easy job. It took at least two hours to make it look like I had done anything at all. I had to fill garbage bag after garbage bag full of this pesky rotten orange things. 
ugh, thinking about it is making me itch.

My brother and I were ALWAYS on our best behavior the second my mom told us that picking up kumquats would be the punishment if we didn't listen. 
Maybe this kumquat tree is the main reason i'm so obedient and such a perfect child ;)
or not. why am i even giving this darn tree any credit?

that being said, when I moved to Kentucky we discovered that kumquats are sold in the grocery stores. like, what?
everytime i go down the fruit aisle i have to avoid the kumquats for fear that i might catch a whiff of one and... i can only imagine.

my parents still frequently joke about this punishment, but there still hasn't been enough time for me to seriously be able to laugh about it. 

all in all, i hate kumquats. 

what was your childhood punishment? 

thanks for reading! 
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  1. That's hilarious, yet terrifying! I've always been curious about kumquats, and this is all I need to know. Parenting at its best (;

    xo Taylor
    @ The Preppy Pony

  2. Hahaha that's so funny! When we were gutting our current house, we rented a little house with a pond we referred to as "the duck house". There was a little shed and the owners made us feed the ducks dried corn.... Pretty funny haha.

  3. We have 3 kumquat trees in our backyard. I love them! They taste sweet and slightly tangy to me.