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Friday, May 17, 2013


I have always had a jar that i have put stray money in to save up for something big.

when I was in eight grade i saved ALL of my babysitting money for my Nikon. I literally put every single penny that i earned from baby-sitting into the jar. I knew that all that i wanted was a "professional" camera. but when i had saved enough money i started to second guess my decision to spend all of my hard-earned money. 
i questioned whether or not I really in truly needed a camera. 
i wondered if i was making a huge mistake. 
i wondered what else $800 could buy. 
in the end i ended up purchasing the camera. it was one of the best decisions i have ever made, and i still use the camera and treat it like my baby. 

well for the past few months i have been following the $5 bill savings plan that i found on pinterest. basically you can't spend your five dollar bills, you can only save them. i thought that was a pretty cool idea. now I can't remember that last time i have spent a $5 bill. weird how it works haha. 
the reason i started this savings plan was because i wanted to buy a chanel purse. i love the simplicity of the black quilt with the two white c's. so dreamy. buut i realized that a chanel purse isn't that practical for a teenager. i would be too afraid to wear it for fear of ruining it..
so i decided on another purse. the tory burch robinson middy satchel. it is pretty expensive with the $495 price tag, but i loove it! it's gorgeous and simple and perfect in every way. 
right now it's on sale for $346 and i have enough money in my savings to buy it. 
but i'm going through the second guessing process right now..
do i need such an expensive purse?
will i regret it?
will i ruin it quickly?

so i need your help! 
should i buy my dream tory burch purse during this once in a lifetime sale?! 
what do I do??

thanks for reading! 
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  1. Here's my thoughts...if you're going to end up buying it anyway, you should buy it while it's on sale and you're saving over $100.

  2. BUY IT! I'm in the same boat right now, I'm so torn. I want a nice a Kate Spade bag for college but not sure if I want to spend my buy! UGH! But I think you'll get great use out of it in the end!

  3. I'd agree with Rebecca! I'm super frugal though so I'd end up not spending it, even if I loved the bag! But that's typical me.

  4. Go for it girl! I know this sounds super cliche... But it's true that you only live once. So you might as well live once with a super cute bag :)


  5. I would buy it! It is such a versatile bag (will work for all seasons) and is a simple color. If it was a hot pink glittery bag for that much I would definitely not do it, however. What I always do is think about it over night and if you can't stop thinking about it then buy it!

  6. Buy it cause yolo! I always second guess myself when buying expensive things also, but if I love it then I never ever regret it.

  7. Do it! Every girl owes it to herself to splurge on something nice and that is a gorgeous bag.