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Sunday, August 4, 2013

blogher'13 vlog

well this post is long overdue but a few weekends ago I was in chicago from blogher'13
i had an absolute BLAST and i can't believe how many things I learned and how many amazing people i met! 

...speaking of amazing people, guess who I got to meet?! 
caroline and megan!!!!! 
ahh it was so cool to meet not one, but two, bloggy friends! i never expected to actually meet such amazing girls through my blog but i'm so so glad that i did! 

next year, I hope that I can attend blogher again and I also hope that some off y'all can attend too! 

anyways, i made a vlog during my trip so that I could share exactly what happened! 
i figured out that i'm kind of a lame vlogger, because i forgot to vlog a TON of stuff! 
that being said, I hope that you like this video.


sorry for the abuse of exclamation points in this post. 
i do realize i have a problem ;) 
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