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Monday, August 12, 2013

healthy chloe (what?)

if you've been reading my blog for a while then you know that i have had a ton of health issues in the past
if you care to read more about those, then all you have to do is a little bit of scrolling back! 
buut when i was sick I was put on a steroid
 (a legal and prescribed one thank you very much)
this steroid made me hangry. 
hungry & angry like times ten. 
i was on this medicine for almost a month and my family rarely talked to me because they knew that i would most likely interpret what they said the wrong way and fight back. 
this was also the time in which my road rage got so bad my mom and dad decided to not let me drive... 
but thats a story for another day. 

anyy wayyy 

this medicine made me eat HUGE amounts of food each day. i could never get full and i would eat literally what ever was in front of me.
 a few months back, i had some severe stomach issues and lost probably over 40 pounds because i couldn't eat because my stomach hurt so badly. it was veryy bad. 
that being said, i gained back all 40 pounds plus some when i was on that steroid. 
that's how much i ate. 

since being off the medicine i have lost probably 30 of the pounds that i gained. this whole extreme weight loss weight gain things has done measures on my body 
-- hello stretch marks --
(embarrassing, i know)
but i really in truly couldn't help not eating and then eating too much. it was just all part of my illness. 
now that i am pretty much completely better i have to start getting back to my old self eating wise. 
or at least start fresh. 

so the whole point of this post was to let you know that i am officially going to start eating healthy(er) 
the reason i'm putting this in a blog post is because i want to feel accountable. 
i want y'all to hold me to this challenge. 
ask me how its goin' for me on twitter.

this is not the "tomorrow diet" that my dad is oh so famous for. 
i am starting to eat healthy, TODAY. 

*brag time* 
i swapped a salad for a burger today at lunch. 
swaportunity points for chloe, right there. 

so, sorry for that super long probably boring post. 
but i am now going to be known as "healthy chloe" not "oo can i have another donut chloe"

p.s. i am eating healthy so i can get back to my original "normal" weight 
p.p.s i'm not on any crazy diet, i'm just gonna do stuff like eat hummus with cucumbers for snacks instead of hint of lime tostitos. 
p.p.s. i will cheat occasionally, because moderation y'all 

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  1. Go Chloe! Honestly, you are gorgeous at any weight you're at, so don't worry too much. But you do feel a lot better when you eat healthier all the time so that's definitely a plus!

    1. you're so sweet!! i can't wait to start feeling healthier, i know it'll all be worth it!

  2. That's so good to hear that you are feeling better! Good luck on the diet!


  3. I've been following your blog for quite some time now and it's so lovely to hear an update. I wish you all the best!