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Friday, August 30, 2013

oh hey

seriously, i apologize for the lack of posts on my part. 
i have been super focused on popcosmo and just relaxing during my last few days of summer.
excuses, excuses. i know..

i decided that i'd give y'all a little update on my life. 
so here we go - top ten things you might want to know about me right now.

1. i spent my whole summer in denver colorado. it was awesome and so much fun. we were staying right across the street from a fancy mall - hello kate spade, madewell, and j.crew - so that was pretty nice. 
2. i got home about a week ago so i've been spending pretty much everyday at home in my room doing nothing. oh, and catching up on recorded shows. 
3. i got my hair trimmed a few days ago. i know this doesn't seem like it should be a trending topic, but i never get my hair trimmed. i usually grow it out for like a year and then chop it all off. then i repeat like the shampoo bottle instructs. buut, i've been trying to grow my hair out so trims are necessary. 
4. i bought a lilly pulitzer planner in tusk in sun and white converse with some amazon gift cards. best gift cards ever spent. i haven't received my converse in the mail yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be an instagram post when i get them 
5. i made some killer honey mustard chicken and lemon poppyseed muffins yesterday. killer. here are the recipes if you want to try them out yourself. chicken & muffins.
i made these two dishes/things for someone else but i have to admit i tasted both and wanted to keep both. 
6. school starts for me on September 1. Sunday? yep, online school life. 
7. just for the heck of it here is my class list : Pre-Calc, AP language and comp, American History, AP Environmental Science, Ap Psych, AP Art History. Junior year is going to be killer. 
8. i really want an internship in nyc next summer. it's making me crazy how badly i want one. 
9. i also really want a bulldog. or just a dog. i'd settle. 
10. maggie tweeted me the other day saying how much she loved my tweets. i always thought that i was the only one who thought that they were clever or funny or weird but that tweet made my life. go check her blog out - she's a cool gal! 

honestly, i didn't think that i was going to be able to share 10 things. i might have gone back and forth at the top a few times on whether to share 5 or 10 things. but i managed it. 
*pats on the back for me*

thanks for reading! 
if there's anything that you'd like to see in the future on here (more personal/weird stuff) or on popcosmo (cool stuff) then leave your suggestion on popcosmo!!

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  1. love your updates, chloe! best of luck junior year!


  2. AP Art History sounds really interesting! Great to hear an update & good luck junior year!