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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

shattered phone & cracked ego

i drop my phone more than any person i know
my phone has taken a spill down a flight of stairs and been dropped out of my hand numerous times
it barely had a scratch and it never cracked 
note the past tense..

today my friends, my phone cracked. 
shattered is a better adjective. 

if you follow me on twitter (we won't even discuss if you aren't following me) then you know that i have been taking daily runs. i have to run at least 30 minutes a day in order to help myself medically - that sounds way weirder than i intended, but it's true. when i run i usually take my phone, because i go by myself and there are weird people in the world. i used to listen to music, but the shakira pandora station got too repetitive and i don't know another station to listen to. 

anyway today i was doing my daily loop. i was totally into it and felt like a baller so i decided to sprint the last block until i got to my house. i say i felt like a baller, but i'm sure the cars passing me had 911 up on their phone just in case i fainted or something. 
ok sorry off topic again..
so as i was "sprinting" the last block i felt good. i decided to stop watching the ground and start looking in front of me like i was an olympic runner or a cheetah sprinting after its prey. 
two houses away from my house i felt my foot catch on the uneven sidewalk and down i went. 
no i didn't catch myself before i fell.
yes i did slide across the sidewalk.
thankfully no cars or people saw me wipe out. 
thankfully i was only two house away from my house. 

i continued to pick myself up. dust myself off. look at my phone. see the shattered screen. and start balling. 

baller to balling.

so i have a shattered phone and a cracked ego. 
and a few scrapes and bruises but i'm gonna pretend that those don't still hurt so i can still keep a smidgen of that ballerness.
even though i don't think ballers say smidgen. 
whatevs. i make my own rules. 

do you have any running/excerising horror stories?
please tell me i'm not the only one with a shattered phone screen 

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  1. Oh girl! Two of my really good friends have shattered iPhones, and one of them has an iPhone 5! So don't worry! I think everyone does it at least once!

  2. Ugh Chloe that's the worst! I can totally relate; I lost my iPhone this weekend on a bike ride ;( Lesson learned? Don't be active and stay in the safety of your couch.

  3. I actually never take my phone exercising- I use it as my time to "unplug." :) I can relate though, I drop mine SO much- so I got a huge heavy duty (and quite unattractive) case for it so I wouldn't break it. A while ago I put a prettier case on it, and guess what? I got a crack. Ugh.