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Friday, October 18, 2013

colleges yo

i'm in one of those moods where i just want to write a blog post
i've missed updating y'all on the awkward things going on in muh life but guess what..
i haven't had that many awkward moments lately. 
probably because i spend most of my time in my room living that super awesome online school life

i guess i'll update y'all a little though 

so if you follow @popcosmo on instagram...
(if you don't, then stop reading and go follow me now)


...you would know that i went college visiting yesterday. i went to Indiana University (IU) and DePauw University. Neither of these school are on my "top list" but my college counselor suggested that I visit schools near where I live to get a better idea of what I'm looking for (i.e. big school, small school, preppy, artsy etc.) I ended up really liking IU, surprisingly. 
I had this idea in my mind that IU was not the school for me. 
it is actually in the middle of nowhere, but it definitely isn't lame. if i learned one thing from these two schools it's that you really have to go to a school to get a feel for it. books tell you the facts, and that is all! I did not like DePauw at all! No judgements for anyone that goes there / wants to go there, but it definitely was not the school for me. 

I learned from my trip that these are the things that I am looking for in a school : 
 medium to large school
nice dorms
liberal arts school
many clubs and intramural sports 
good arts program 
(Washington University in St. Louis has a Communications Design major that I'm super interested in, so if a school has a major like this one then it will probably be a potential school for me)

I'm sure I will be adding more things to my list in the future, but for now that's what I have! It is so nice to know what I think I am looking for in a school! I can't wait to see what the future holds - college wise at least! 

what colleges are on your top list?
any colleges that I should look into?

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  1. Check out the University of Mary Washington, it has everything on your list!

    1. Alyssa I just graduated from UMW, do you go there?!!!

      Chloe- I'd agree with Alyssa, UMW is the best! Make sure you check it out! The moment I walked on campus I knew it was the school for me! Good luck on your search!

  2. I go to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Definitely hits everything on your list and our food is ranked #2 in the country!