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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

leggings are pants, right?

today it feels like winter outside. 
it's so cold that i'm wearing two sweaters inside. 
like what da actual heck. 
it's supposed to be fall. 
mother nature seriously need to learn a few things from me. 

when the cold weather starts to roll in i start to get lazy.
that means i could care less about what i am wearing.

as i type this i am wearing lululemon leggings, a frocket, and two zip up sweaters.
 i've only been on my daily 4 mile walk and worked on some school, so i haven't had to care about my outfit today.
in fifteen minutes i will be leaving for my photography class. 
i will be seeing people i know.
and guess what?
i will be wearing my lululemon leggings, a frocket, and two zip up sweaters.
*gasp times two*

if you're thinking "omg she goes out in public with that on?" then don't worry, cause the answer is yes.
i am in a fall/winter rut y'all. 
i need some new fashion pieces. 
so long story short, leave me some links to your must buy fall/winter fashion items. 
but fashion items a teenage girl can afford puh-lease ;)


p.s. tell me i'm not the only one who bundles up in her comfiest clothes when the weather takes a turn for the cold!!!!

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  1. Quilted vests and riding boots. Get a long sleeve frocket, layer it under the vest. Throw on some long leggings and riding boots...a real outfit that is just as comfy!

  2. Yes, leggings are pants. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. ;P


  3. Yes, they're pants. :) Since I live in a tropical weather, I take advantage of the cold weather you guys have... So I wear comfy but stylish clothes, including leggings. :)

    Kisty Mea // The Style Mermaid

  4. They'd better had be because I live in them during the winter! When I'm sat in the house studying in the winter I've been known to bundle up in a onesie, a hoodie, a cardigan, fluffy socks and slippers #sorryimnotsorry #nojudgingplease :P

  5. Hello! I see that you're a preppy blog and I just wanted to let you know that there is a "preppy community" on youtube with a bunch of preppy fashion vloggers and gurus http://preppyyoutubers.weebly.com.

  6. hey!! I am in love with your blog! will you check out mine? I'm trying to start it up! confessionsofaprepster.blogspot.com