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Thursday, September 18, 2014

$ENIOR Update Yo

you guys probably thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth or something. did you miss me? i certainly hope so, because I missed you. like for real. it seems like every time I actually post on here I'm apologizing for having not posted in a while, and this post is no different. but i'm back and better and badder than ever so there's that at least.

if you didn't know, i recently moved to colorado from kentucky. i'm technically only here for a year because i'm a senior in high school and then i'm off to the awesome life of college. i'm trying to have a super fun senior year because this is like the only year of high school that will be normal (i.e. i don't have to "drop out" of regular school and do stupid online school due to health issues).


senior year has been great so far. i thought being a new kid would be hard but it's been pretty easy. and i have friends. at least i think they're my friends so that's good ;)

here's five updates for you though because I know you've missed them

1. I'm taking AP Physics this year and I seriously suck at it. It's hard and it's not fun and I just hate it. I do like the people in my class (i.e. the nerdy boys) because they're funny so that's good at least.
2. I joined the Model United Nations club, Graphic Design club, and the Stage Craft club so I'm like this super combination of nerd, art freak, and theatre geek. It's awesome. I'm awesome (jokes)
3. I've been taking a lot of exercise classes lately including spin classes and I love them. I get so sweaty which is gross but then I feel so fit and fab when I'm done. It's great.
4. Right now I should actually be doing homework but I'm procrastinating like usual.
5. I haven't really had any embarrassing moments at school yet. This might not seem so out of the ordinary for the average human, but this is a HUGE deal for me. Awkward is just in my genes so I'm sure something will happen soon.

Alright chickadees, that's all for now. I hope you're having a fabulous time at your school.
Leave me a comment so I feel famous ;)

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  1. I've missed you Chloe! So glad you're loving your senior year :)

  2. I'm a senior in high school too WOOHOO and I just started blogging maybe you could hit me upppp?! malloryattheplaza.blogspot.com!! also please please post more I wanna know you