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Thursday, June 28, 2012

catalog inspiration

j.crew is one of my all-time favorite stores. not only do i love their individual pieces of clothing, but i absolutely LOVE how the mannequins are dressed in the stores and i love how the models are dressed in the catalogs. i might be weird, but this past year i have started saving every magazine that i have purchased. the reasoning behind this is because..
1. i know that when i'm older i'm going to want to look back on the old styles were popular, and what tips were being shared
2. i know i said before that i want to be a teacher, but i also really enjoy layout and design for magazines and advertisements. so saving these magazines will help me if i ever take a class/score a job at a magazine company! 
3. i wish that my mom saved her magazines so i could look back and see what she was inspired by/read when she was my age, so i'm saving them for my future kids! even though there might be boxes and boxes full of magazines, i could care less. 

moving on... 

yesterday i finished watching all my recorded tv shows from the night before, and was feeling very bored. since i was bored, i looked through all my j.crew magazines and decided to see how i could copy the catalog's looks with what i actually had in my closet. i actually got the idea to try this out, because i stumbled upon this blog, it's actually such a great blog you should check it out! . here are two looks i put together. 

this look is taken from the crew cuts section of the catalog. usually, i'm scared of putting purple and green/turquoise together, because i'm scared of looking like barney. i think this look works out well, despite the use of purple and turquoise! 
excuse the weird front tucking in of the shirt, it never seems to work out when i try to tuck in only part of my shirt! 
aslo, excuse my bad posture. i know my mom won't be happy with this picture;) 
wallet-very very old banana republic factory store

a huge trend in the j.crew catalog was pairing the same color top with the same color bottom.  i would have never thought that it would look good to do this, and i'm still not 100% sold on how my outfit looks. i'm not going to lie, i feel like this outfit is something shelley (anna fairs) would wear on the house bunny. but hey, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones. 
sweater-lilly pulitzer
shoes-none ;)

this post was very fun for me to do, because it allowed me to use my pieces of clothing in ways that i normally wouldn't do! i challenge y'all to do a post like this, and maybe you'll even find a new favorite outfit! if you do do a post, leave me the link in the comments because i'd LOVE to see what you can come up with! 
thanks for reading! 


  1. Those critter shorts are adorable! I love your blog!



    1. thank you so much! have a great weekend!

  2. Adorable outfits!!!! I have saved all my home decor magazines but I think it it s great idea to save fashion mags too.

  3. Love those outfits! I save all of my magazines too.