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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ruelala concierge

as some of y'all know, i ordered a lilly pulitzer dress from ruelala a few weeks back. this was my first purchase from ruelala and i didn't know what to expect! unfortunately, i still haven't received my lilly dress and i have been livid the past few days! i e-mailed the concierge people at ruelala, and even though they are supposed to e-mail back within 24 hours, i still haven't heard from them. so, i just got off the phone with a lady from the concierge of ruelala. i was expecting to have to put on my mean voice and tell the lady how upset i was with everything ruelala. (i say that, but i'm so bad at being mean.. it's a good and bad thing). anyways, she asked me what my problem was and i told her that i still haven't received my dress. she politely asked me what my shipping order was, and i told her obviously. she then noticed that it was my first time buying something from ruelala, and told me that she was so sorry that i hadn't received my item and that they were switching over their system so some orders were way behind schedule. i then told her that i was very upset (in a nice way), and she told me that she was going to add 30 days of free shipping back onto my account and she would allow the lilly dress to be shipped for free, because she was so sorry. 
i would just like to say that i am so impressed with how she handled it, and she was so nice! i was not expecting her to do any favors for me, but i am so thankful! i honestly told myself before i called that i wouldn't be ordering anything else from ruelala, but i have happily changed my mind! 
if any of y'all are experiencing problems with rualala, definitely take five minutes out of your day to give the concierge a call! it'll be worth it! 
also, she said that she felt like the soup nazi from seinfeld, which kind of made me like her that much more. 

sorry this was a kind of very boring post! 


  1. RueLaLa has been horrible recently. They are updating their system, but I've heard stories of people receiving shipping notices, and then cancellation notices! I'm glad they worked with you and I hope you get it soon!!

    1. hopefully their update is worth all of this nonsense!!

  2. I am an avid ruelala shopper and typically recieve all items within 2-3 business days. The system update did cause a damper on their orders for about apnea but all is well now and I've continued to faithfully shop via ruelala if you love a deal try Neiman Marcus' Lastcall.com

    1. even though i did receive some trouble with the dress, i have purchased another item since then and received it within the next few days!
      i will definitely be checking out neiman marcus' last call, thanks for the tip!!