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Saturday, June 30, 2012

beat the heat

can y'all believe this heat?! i can't walk out my door without instantly becoming drenched. it's awful. aw. full. i live in kentucky, not in the sahara desert. what is this nonsense. yesterday my car said that it was 111 degrees. one hundred eleven!! the only way to beat the heat is to 1. stay indoors and 2. eat ice cream every chance you get. i don't know about y'all but i can go through a pint of ice cream a night. it's bad, but oh so good. today i'm going to let you in on my ice cream secrets, aka my favorite flavors/types.

1. freeze pops.  need i say more?
2. ben & jerry's ice cream is pretty much my all-time favorite brand. they have no "plain" flavors, and all of them are just pure amazing-ness. i think my favorite flavors are half baked and phish food, but of course i would eat any flavor!
3. drumsticks. these are what everyone eats poolside, because they are literally sold at every snack bar in the world. i usually don't like peanuts on my ice-cream, but i can stand the ones on these. first you start with the peanuts, then you get the chocolate, then the vanilla ice-cream, and then you work your way down to the solid chocolate at the bottom of the cone. pure heaven.
4. anything from the ice cream truck is also a good treat. unfortunately, on my street the ice-cream truck is the kind you see in scary movies. you know the ones where they kidnap the kids? needless to say, i haven't had the ice-cream truck in a while.
5. choco tacos. these, like drumsticks, are pure heaven. i had these at camp a few years back and i fell in love with them! they are so good, and they combine my love of mexican food and ice cream perfectly;) i haven't been able to find these in grocery stores, but that's probably a good thing or else i'd weigh a bajillion pounds.

of course, there are healthier ways to beat the heat, but nothing is as tasty as ice cream. ice cream is my weakness, and if i had the choice to meet the president or go to the closest fro-yo place, i would probably ask if i could take the ice cream with me to meet the president. (and don't worry i'd bring him some too).  sometimes, my mom puts an end to my ice cream eatings for the day, and if that's the case i have to resort to eating ice. i might think that i was strange by just getting a cup of ice to eat, but yesterday i saw a billboard that advertised that they "had the crunchiest ice around town". so i'm less weird now. and i might be going to the gas station soon. advertising works people.
i know this was just a rambling, but it's too hot for me to be able to think properly. i guess that means it's time for some ice cream;)

thanks for reading! 
whats your favorite flavor/type of ice-cream?
how do you beat this heat? 

1 comment:

  1. choco taco is pretty hard to beat.... and mint chip ice cream! It is currently 98 degrees and it is 7:30 pm so I am staying inside, keeping a fan on in my room ALL day!