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Saturday, June 9, 2012

cheap chic

hey ya'll! recently i have been lusting over some of the new collections that j. crew, lilly pulitzer, and other brands have put out for the summer time. unfortunately i am in high school and don't have a job (yet!, i'm looking), so call me a penny pincher! i absolutely LOVE finding great deals on brand name items and i love finding things that look like they could be brand items! don't get me wrong though, i am all about saving up to splurge on nice things! but, here are some of my latest and greatest finds, that can hopefully save you a few pay checks!

1. most of you have probably seen j.crew's bubble necklace and it is absolutely to die for! the bright colors bring together pretty much any outfit that you have for the summer time! the only downside to the necklace is the price, it retails for over one-hundred dollars! if you search hard enough on etsy, you can really find some great look-alikes and also some great unique handmade pieces. anyways here is the first deal!
find the etsy necklace here
find the j.crew necklace here

2. i am absolutely in love with j. crew's swim suits! they are gorgeous, and i feel like the shapes of them would make any body type look great. they also have multiple styles of swim suits in the same print, which makes for a lot of decision making;) if you didn't know, h&m has by far the cheapest swim suits i have ever seen! not only are they cheap, but they are also very cute. unfortunately i don't have an h&m store where i live, and i don't like to buy swim wear online so i can't vouch for the wear and tear of the suits, but if you know what the quality is like, then definitely let me know! here's the steal..

find the j.crew suit here
find the h&m suit here

3. this summer i have been IN LOVE with the lwd (little white dress). i think it is a staple for every girl to have in her closet, because it can be dressed up or down, and it will never every go out of style! i love love love all of the white lilly pulitzer dresses and would buy every single on in a heartbeat (if i had a job of course). but because i can't afford all/one of the lilly dresses, i have done my research and found that francesca's collection has a bunch of cute white dresses for a reasonable price! here's my findings..

find the lilly pulitzer dress here
find the francesca's dress here

4. sandals are another great staple to have in your closet for the summer time! if you find a perfect comfortable pair, then you are set for the summer time! sandals can be paired with pretty much everything and they too can be dressed up or down! also, when it comes to sandals i personally have a hard time telling whether or not the are "high-end" (although this might just be me), so find a cheap pair that you love, and you'll be set! 

find the michael kors sandals here
find the steve madden sandals here

5. once again, another HUGE trend for the summer time is neon. it just ads a pop to your outfit, and always seems to make you look more sophisticated (when worn in moderation). i think every girl should own at least one neon accessory! 

find the alexander mcqueen purse here
find the asos purse here

thanks so much for reading, and i hope this will help you save a little mula! 
xoxo chloe


  1. Great options! The look-alikes are all so similar..and for a small part of the price! I really want a J. Crew look-alike necklace. Might have to grab the Etsy one you posted. :)

  2. I really like this post! Can you do more like this? Thanks!