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Saturday, June 23, 2012

freeze pops

freeze pops are the best
seriously infest
your freezer with them, don't fret
you won't regret 
they make summertime 
prime time

but in all seriousness freeze pops are probably the greatest invention to man-kind. i'm talking a better invention than sliced bread. seriously, better. 
yesterday i had to go to the doctor because my throat has been killing me these past few days. 
once i got to the doctor's office, they confirmed that i had to get my throat swobbed and i completely lost it. the one thing that makes me cry without even batting an eye is getting my throat swobbed. i would rather get ten shots than get swobbed once. ugh it hurts and i just... i just can't deal with it. 
 when i was younger i wouldn't tell my parents that my throat hurt just incase there was the smallest possibility of me having to get swobbed.
so yesterday i not only had to go through the torturous acts of getting swobbed once, i had to go through it twice. it really was torture. 
but there's a silver lining. 
because i was crying so much, the nurse told me that if i could deal with it a second time then i would get a freezer pop. i guess she knew my weakness, and in the end i got a freezer pop. 
but not just one...
after the doctors office, my mom let me go to the grocery store and pick out some ice-cream/throat soothing stuff, so i of course chose freezer pops. 
out of the 24 pack that i bought yesterday, i probably have 10 left. 
it's sad. i'm addicted. 
 if you've never tried a freeze pop what rock are you living under  then go buy some right now. 
seriously, now. 

thanks for reading! 
what's your favorite summer treat?


  1. I am actually obsessed with ice pops! I stockpile in the summer so I can still have them in the winter #obsessed :P hope your throat gets better soon :)

    1. thanks so much! hahah that's such a great idea about saving the pops! I might have to stop eating and start saving a few;)

  2. I love freeze pops! Soo addicting :) Hope you feel better soon!

    1. thanks so much, my throat is already starting to feel better! aren't freeze pops just the greatest food of all time?!

  3. Haha love the pic! The juice is definitely the best part :) I think I'm going to go eat one right now...

  4. Mmmmm they are the bomb! And they are only a few calories each!

  5. Haha love the anatomy:) Feel better

  6. I love freeze pops! That diagram is too cute as well.