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Friday, June 22, 2012

workin' girl

hey y'all! i am now happy to say that i am a workin' girl! i am so lucky to working at one of the most popular boutiques in my town! yesterday was my first day, and i was most worried about what i should wear. i had been in the shop multiple times before, and saw that the women working there wore cute/casual clothing so i had a little bit of a guideline. i ended up wearing option #4 from this post, but i wore my jack rogers instead of the sandals. all in all i think it was the perfect look!

i think when most people start a job, it's hard to figure out what to wear if there isn't a required uniform. so i've put together a little lookbook to help y'all out if you are starting a job soon or if you already have a job and are stuck in a rut wearing the same thing over and over. since i'm a teen, i'm only going to show jobs that were a possibility for me to get. and without further adieu here is some inspiration!

1. bakery or snack bar
details here

2. jewelry boutique
(or really any boutique)
details here

3. bookstore/library
details here

4. best buy
details here
i'm hilarious i know;) 

hope this helped with your summer job outfits! here are some tips to live by when dressing for the job
-wear flats or very comfy shoes! you are most likely to be on your feet all day so keep your feet comfy!
-carry mints with you! no one likes to talk to, let alone buy something from, someone with stinky breath
-dress appropriately! don't strut around in booty shorts. just don't. it's not professional or cute.
-bring a sweater! some shops stay super cold during the summer, so bring a sweater so you aren't miserable all day long! 

for some reason i have always loved hearing what everyone's job is, and i love love love asking people what they want to be when they grow up or if you already have grown up, what is your dream job (or are you living your dream?)
what is your summer job?
what do you want to be when you grow up?
what is your dream job?


  1. I babysit and I occasionally help my mom at an art place, but since I'm only 14 I don't have a *REAL* job yet. When I grow up I will definitely do something in writing or the arts. My dream job is to be a singer-songwriter recording artist, but that's really hard to be successful at so I will try to kewp my optio s open. :)

  2. Love the snack bar outfit! My dram job is a Disney Princess!

  3. I love this! :) The past two summers I've worked as a Dental Assistant, so it's been scrubs 24/7. But now I work at a poolside bar, so it's chino shorts, a comfy v-neck and when no one is there, a bathing suit top so I can lay out!

    1. thank you! well it sounds like you're living a dream job, laying out while working sounds like a good plan to me ;)

  4. These are such great ideas! I don't have a job, but when I grow up I want to be in marketing like Don Draper!