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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

cheap chic 2.0

hey ya'll! i have receive some great feed back on my cheap chic post, and have decided that i will do another one! i have been absolutely loving all the new (and old) collections that have been put out this summer. even though i am in love with them, i unfortunately don't have enough mula to spend on them! so here are a few items that i love, and their long lost (cheaper) twins! hopefully this post will save you a few paychecks! 

1. as most you y'all know, color blocking is really in for the summertime. i guess you could say that my style is minimalistic, and therefore i only color block with little things such as clutches! they are such a great way to color block your out fit without going overboard, and when/if color blocking goes out of style, you can still use this accessory in your wardrobe! all in all, clutches are a timeless piece no matter what color you choose! 
find the dsw clutch here
find the marc jacobs clutch here

2. maxi skirts are probably one of my newest favorite things. i used to wear long skirts when i was in elementary school (trend setter or nerd?), and so when the maxi skirt trend came out i was reluctant to try it out. but, recently  (yesterday) i randomly started liking them again! i like when they hit right at your ankle so you can still see your shoes, and it also makes you look a little taller. also, some maxi skirts can double as dresses and beach cover ups, so if you find the right one it can be used in multiple ways! all in all, maxi skirts are a great staple piece to go in your closet for the summer time, and can also be a transition piece for the fall time! 

find the old navy skirt here
find the eileen fisher skirt here

3. jean vests are hot on the market right now! i honestly think that if you wear them with the right things then they can instantly become preppy. i think that most preppy people are afraid to wear them because they are afraid they look to grungy. i have yet to find one in a store that doesn't look to "masculine" on me, but as soon as i find on that i like, i will definitely be purchasing it! let me know if you would like to see how i would style my jean vest if i had one! 

find the gap vest here
find the top shop vest here

thanks so much for reading! 
if you would like to see more cheap chic posts, then let me know and i'll be happy to do more! 
also, if you have any steals that you've found lately let me know! 


  1. I just found your blog...very cute. I had no idea these jean vests were making a comeback. I have held onto mine from a LONG time ago!!! they were super preppy the first time around:)

  2. Hi! Just joined your great blog. Love the cheap chic post.
    Would love to have you follow ours: twoshoppermoms.blogspot.com

    xo-Julie & Donna