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Thursday, August 16, 2012

bleh -- warning : rant post

do y'all ever get in the mood where you know you HAVE to get something done, yet you keep saying you'll do it tomorrow and never do? 
well guess what?
i'm in the mood, and have been all summer. i just really really don't want to write my summer reading essays. i love reading, i just can't stand analyzing what i just read / over thinking each book. i got to choose my own books which was great, so i finished them at the beginning of the summer. i know have to write three 800 word essays on my books and just can't even begin to explain how much i don't want to write them.

major ugh. 
sorry this is turning into a rant post, but we all have them right?
lets just go with right.  

not only do i not want to write my essays, but for the past two weeks i had to go on a gluten free dairy free diet. it wasn't to loose weight or anything, i just have been having severe stomach pain and one of my doctors thought that this diet would help! 
it was super hard to not eat any food with those two ingredients, but all in all i think it really helped my stomach. today was the first day that i could start eating gluten, and at lunch i had half of a bagel.
after i ate the bagel i was feeling fine, so my mom brother and i went to the kentucky fair. going to the fair was awful, because the gluten in the bagel started to hit me while we were there! i felt so sick, and i don't plan on eating gluten and dairy again anytime soon. 
on the bright side i'll be healthy.
on the downside i'll be hungry for "good" food! 

this is completely random, but lately i have been obsessing over etsy! i think it's so cool that pretty much everything is homemade/vintage. i also think its great to shop on etsy because the prices are great, and not everyone and their mother buys from it! i recently stumbled upon this adorable shop called EllandEmm. this store is stocked every once and a while, and the products are beyond adorable and they are also super duper cheap! definitely go check her store out and follower her on instagram and twitter (@jenn5716) so you'll be the first to know about her product updates!! 

she has these precious earrings
earrings found here

and she also has these adorable necklaces

find the necklace here

have you been putting something off that needs to get done?
what's your favorite etsy store/product?

thanks for reading!


  1. I can totally relate to you about summer reading homework!!! That's good that you know what was causing your stomach pain now!!

  2. I always found that having summer reading essays hanging over me totally ruined my summer reading enjoyment - the only thing to do is suck it up and get it done - bleh #procrastinationftw :P