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Friday, September 28, 2012

total fangirl moment!

yesterday was thursday. aka throwback thursday on instagram. 
 my mom has all of my younger pictures saved on her computer, so one day when i was bored i went through them and found a few pictures of me so that i could post them on the upcoming thursdays. 
(i take throwback thursday very seriously if you were wondering.)
i found this picture of me in my favorite lilly dress from when i was younger and posted it yesterday :

well this morning i was casually scrolling through my twitter feed when i saw i had a notification. this wasn't a normal notification, this was a notification that LILLY PULITZER REPLIED TO MY TWEET!

ok one second hyperventilating..

yes, i did retweet, favorite, and reply to their tweet. it kind of just made my day week. 

just wanted to share my total fan girl moment with y'all! 

have you ever had a fan girl moment through one of your social media accounts?

thanks for reading!


  1. So exciting!

    Such a cute picture too!

  2. Yes! It isn't as exciting as yours. But the University of North Carolina has an a Capella group that sounds really good! They are called the Clef Hangers. One of my friends and I are kinda obsessed with them and have a huge crush on one of them. We tweeted him and he tweeted us back! We felt so special!

    Great Post!

    1. that is definitely exciting!! getting noticed on twitter makes you feel so famous;)

  3. Yes! Lilly Pulitzer followed me on Pinterest! I think they still do!