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Sunday, January 13, 2013

brother sister tag!

hey y'all 
today, college prepster posted a video blog and she inspired me to post one as well! 
i am definitely going out of my comfort zone by posting this
i'd much rather be behind the camera!
but my new years resolution was to stop caring what other people think so - bam! 

for the first video i decided to do it with my brother so i wouldn't feel as awkward
he did not want to film this video, but with enough bribing ($5) i won! 

i've never posted a video on here before so this is the first time y'all can truly put a real "voice" to my blog/me

i hope y'all enjoy! 
and if you would like to see any other types of videos then let me know! 

i was thinking of just doing random vlogs - just me and the camera 
but we'll see! 

do you and your sibling get along?
should i post more videos?

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  1. That was seriously so adorable! And you sound exactly how I thought you would... haha! And I'm kind of obsessed with your brother -- so cute!

  2. That was so good! You should defiantly do more its great being able to put a voice behind the words! It was amazing.

    1. thank you! i'm definitely considering doing more videos!

  3. Okay, I tweeted you already, but... I'm going to comment here too! #sorrynotsorry Anyway, I definitely think you should do more of these videos because they kind of show another side of you, rather than just what we usually see, your words! :) ...i don't know if that really makes sense/you kinda already said it above... buuuut, you get the idea! Right?! Okay, I'm going to end this comment now or else it will just ramble on for a long time... like it kind of is already... #whoops Sorry!


  4. I love this new twist on a blog post - it keeps things fresh :) plus I love that I can now put a voice behind your words :) can I just say how much I adore your accent (in a non-stalkerish way!)! Great vlog :)

  5. I love this idea of vlogs! Y'alls was really cute and defiantly reminds me of me and my brothers relationship! Xox, Kendall