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Saturday, April 20, 2013

drivers test

if you follow me on twitter or instagram (which you totally should) then you would know that wednesday was the big day of my drivers test 

i got my permit in january of 2012 and i was supposed to be able to get my license in july of 2012 but i was too sick to be able to drive so that's why i got it in april of 2013 

moving on,
i have to tell y'all that i have never been this stressed out before a test. 
exams are so not stressful at all compared to this ;) 
i knew i was a pretty good driver but i've never taken driving lessons (i've just driven with my mom and dad) so i was worried that i didn't have the right technique or whatever 

so wednesday morning my mom and i pulled up to the DMV and were waiting for my tester to come and get in the car with me. 
there were two people walking towards my car - a scary man with a mustache and a lady - the only thing running through my head was "please let my tester be a lady, please, please, please"
and it was 
the lady then proceeded to ask for my driving log, my permit, and my insurance 
next she walked in front of the car and told me to turn on my left blinkers 
i was so nervous that i accidentally turned on my windshield wipers, but i don't think she noticed hehe

next we had to do some parallel parking and i was super duper nervous about this part of the test, but i passed with flying colors *holler*

then she directed me around some streets for a while until she told me to do a "turn-about" in one of the streets
all i could think was "what the heck is a turnabout" 
so i pulled into the street and did a u-turn because that was the only logical thing that i could think of 
but that was wrong, she told me "a turnabout is not a u-turn, but i'll give you another try"
so then i pulled into another street and i did a three point turn, because that was the only logical thing that i could possibly do.
when i pulled out on three street again two of my tires were "allegedly" on the wrong side of the street
i say allegedly because there were no lines on the street

after this little minor fiasco we headed back to the DMV
as i pulled into my parking spot i was thinking about how if i failed i would be so devastated
my lady then told me about the things i had "issues" with and told me i pretty much failed
my eyes then started filling with tears and my lip starting quivering
i think she noticed because then she told me that she was going to "let a few of my mistakes go" so that i would be able to pass!
how nice is that?!
i was so super duper excited and amazed that i passed my test that i was shaking too badly to drive home
 kinda pathetic, but this is a judge free zone.

my tester lady and me after i got the orange sticker which makes my permit into my restricted license 

i now have been on two driving adventures all by myself (to the haircutters and to a friends house) and i feel like i'm so cool.
like the kinda cool you felt after your grandma bought you three new complete outfits from abercrombie during middle school.
that kinda cool.

i even made a super awesome playlist that i named #commonwhitegirlmix
let me know if you would like me to do a post on what songs are on the cd

tell me your drivers test experience! 
did you pass/fail your first drivers test?

thanks for reading! 
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  1. I'd like to know which songs are on the cd. :)

  2. Yay Chloe! I'm so excited for you!

  3. Congrats! I remember my driving test as being literally the scariest exam I've ever taken! It's all worth it though with the freedom you get when you've passed! #roadtrip :P

  4. Congrats, Chloe! My road test is in July, and I'm already so nervous!

  5. Congrats!! You did great!


  6. Yayy Chloe!! I'm signing up for my road test in a month or so, I'm getting super nervous!

  7. I am interested in knowing what songs were on the cd!!

  8. Luckily, your tester was a nice woman. If you were assigned to a strict tester, you wouldn't have gotten your driver’s license right away. Well, those are just a few mistakes. And I think you can be a really good driver as you go along. Anyway, why you did not get any formal driving lessons? Things could’ve been a lot easier for you that way. #Mia Patch