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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 updates that will prove my weirdness

it's been quite a while since i've posted on here and i feel like it's time for another update post. 
if you want to read actually chic things then go check out popcosmo because that's where the real party is. 
preppy diaries is kind of like the lame drunk uncle to popcosmo. everyone loves him because he's kinda funny but he's also really weird.
(i've been working on analyzing metaphors/similes in english lately, can you tell?)

ok moving on
since i haven't posted in a while i'm going to give you 5 updates on my life right now. 
are you ready for this 
dun dun dun dun

1. i recently took a test to tell me which standardized test to take. in case you care, I'm wayy better at the SAT than the ACT. like way way better. 
2. i've had a migraine since last sunday. so basically i hate my head right now. i have been taking advil but it makes me feel really weird (thanks POTS) but it doesn't seem to touch it so yesterday my mom gave me some powerful medicine and I think it's the reason why I was  punny on twitter yesterday. (@preppydiaries - shameless self promotion)
3. i've been on a shopping spree recently. i promised myself that i would wait until after christmas to buy clothes because that's when the real sales are, but i failed. i do have some really cute new pieces though.
4. speaking of new cute pieces, i bought this kinda weird sweater that i'm planning on wearing to thanksgiving dinner. i'm kinda hesitant about wearing it though because i spent a lot of money on it and i'm afraid that one of my aunts/uncles will make a joke about the sweater. that being said, i brainstormed comebacks last night, and now i'm totally going to wear the sweater just to hopefully be able to use the comeback.
i know that's really weird, but it's an update. ok? ok.
5. i have started obsession over washi tape. i recently bought some gold polka dot washi tape for $5 (way over priced, but too cute to pass up) and now my lilly planner is pimped out. it looks so good though. like on a scale of one to fabulous it is most definitely fabulous. 

alright, that's it. i hope you don't think i'm weird now. but if you do it's ok because one a scale of one to how much I care, i don't care. (that scale didn't work but whatevs)

have a great thanksgiving! 

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  1. "Preppy diaries is like the lame drunk uncle to popcosmo" ahahaha omg I died.

    Happy thanksgiving!!


  2. Ohmigosh I completely hear your over the washi tape obsession - I became absolutely obsessed over the summer! It's super hard to find it over here in England so ebay has become my best friend :P Happy Thanksgiving!