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Saturday, December 7, 2013

world's best tee

hey y'all! 
today i wanted to pop in and share a dirty little secret...
i spend more time in leggings and a tee shirt than in "real" clothes. 
i know. shameful right?
well that's what the online school life gets ya
 (aka no human interaction, unless you count my mom, dad, and brother.)
(I don't count them as actual humans so...)

despite this minor set back in life, I have come to find out that I happen to know which tee shirts are the best tee shirts. so at least i'm learning a little something about life, right?
so, my favorite shirt company you ask? well the answer my friends is The Southern Shirt Company.
Their shirts are amazing. 
They are soft, bright, and comfortable. And they don't ride up all crazy on your neck to make you feel like you're choking, which makes an AWESOME shirt in my book. 

They were nice enough to send me two shirts to try out and I have to tell you, they are perfect. 
so if you need to knock out a gift for a friend or two, or just want to add something to your wish list, the Southern Shirt Company is definitely the way to go! 

the perfect tee.

cute, right?

What item is at the top of your wish list this year?

thanks for reading,
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  1. Nice tees!


  2. One thing that is at the top of my wishlist this year is an iPhone charger case. My phone runs out of battery within 2-3 hours! But I really love these tops too! Cute + comfy!

    - Kirstin.

  3. so basically i just spent 30 minutes reading your blog. you are hilariously fabulous. haha :) but seriously. i love your blog. like for real.