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Saturday, December 14, 2013

five updates yo yo

hey girl hey
(if you're a boy reading this, i sincerely apologize for the sexism)
(also, hey there stud... ;) ) 
jk. mom that was a joke. 
(my mom reads this so that could get awk fast)

it's chloe here.
just wanted to pop in and update you on muh lyfe.
it's so exciting i spell it with a y.
cause i make my own rules.  

so. so. so.
not much has been going on in my lyfe recently. i've been doing tons and tons of school work. 
at the beginning of the year i wasn't too motivated with school and slacked off a little ton. so now i've been trying to please my parents and get done with school early. online school life yo. and i'm taking four ap classes (it's my blog so I can brag thank you very much) and they're really hard so parents if you're reading this ap classes are realllyyy reallyyy hard. even harder than when you were a kid so hah.

ok here are five facts about me lately. i should probably rename my blog to "five facts about me lately" because that's all i seem to do. 
but it's my lyfe so i can do what i want to. 
*previous line crafted loosely around one of miley cyrus' latest songs that i can't remember the name of*

ok here we go.

1. i finally figured out how to curl my hair and make it look kinda like i just went to a dry bar appointment. here's what i do. step on curl huge chunks of hair. step two. after curling chunk of hair pull the bottom. step three. repeat until all chunks are curled. step four add moroccan oil. step five tease to taste (like salt to taste) it turns out flawless every time. my mom even complimented my hair which she never does so that's how i know it looks good.
2. i got a 100% on an english paper recently. ap english thank you very much. i know my writing skills aren't too superb on here, and i know i don't use correct grammar/spelling (i.e. lyfe) but this blog is the contents of my brain just spewing to the internet so there. ha. owned. dissed. bam.
3. essie's carry on nail polish is my winter fave. like go buy it now cause it's awesome. it's like a perfect mixture of brown, purple, red, and burnt orange. oo i love it.
4. i have lost weight recently! i was struggling with being on these steroids (prescribed by my doctor) that made me eat every second of the day (nah nah nah nah). but i've been trying to eat super healthy and i'm fitting into pants that i haven't been able to wear in a really long time. woo. go me. go me. 
5. this gap skirt is my all time favorite piece that i own. ugh. i looove it. 

ok that's it. 
thanks for reading you're da best and the beautifulest human ever.

oh p.s. do you have any video recommendations for my mom and I? we want to make some videos for popcosmo! 

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  1. Just wondering if you have any tips on eating healthy/losing weight? My dermatologist prescribed me some medicine that makes me eat SOOOO much. I've gained 10-15 pounds since I've been on it (2 years) and I can't get off the pill.

    1. Oh girl isn't that medicine the worst?! When I was on it I wasn't really aware of the consequences of eating too much, but afterwards I really felt the pain/gain. Here are a few tips (maybe I should write a blog post)
      1. Drink hot water infused with lemon juice in the morning. This is supposed to help clean your system.
      2. exercise! I know it's kinda self explanatory, but after you work out you will feel lighter and therefore want to eat less.
      3. eat fruits and veggies for snacks. they fill you up quickly and they subside the hunger longer than chips.
      4. drink tons of water. it will make you feel full.
      5. try to not buy chips and junk food at the grocery. that way when you're hungry the only thing that will be around you will be fruits/veggies/ healthy snacks!

      Hope that helped! email me if you have any more questions : preppydiaries{@}gmail.com