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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

reflection (it's not as boring as it sounds)

I am turning 18 in two days. 
feel free to tweet me a happy birthday note, so i can feel super cool ;) 
18 is one of those milestone birthdays, and according to savannah or natalie (i swear I can't tell them apart) on the today show, milestone birthdays are years that you reflect. you look back on your past and see how far you have come and just take a moment to be proud of all the things you have accomplished. 
well, i'm going to kind of reflect on my past. 
and you're so lucky that i'm going to share my past with you. 
so... introducing a new series.
i am going to share an awkward story from each grade that i have been in on here. i have no idea how long these twelve posts will take, as i will only write when i feel like it. but i promise they will all happen. 

so. let's start with kindergarten. i like to think this is the year my awkwardness / unlucky events started. I lived in nashville, tennessee when I started kindergarten, and apparently my school did things a little weird because my parents weren't allowed to walk me into my classroom on the first day. my mom of course was a nervous wreck hoping that i would make it to my classroom in one piece, and i was kind of oblivious to the whole idea of walking by myself to my classroom. 
so here's how the day went down (to the best of my memory)
my thoughts are italicized 
6:00am - wake up super duper excited for my first day of real school. omg i'm going to be the coolest big kid in the whole school. everyone is going to want to be my friend. agh. 
6:02 - go into parents room and tell them how excited i am for big kid school. omg this is going to be the best day of my life. 
7:00 - eat a hearty breakfast of a nature bar and chocolate milk. mmm i love chocolate milk and i can't wait to go to real life big kid school. 
7:45 - drive to my first day of kindergarten. ok. i'm ready for this. i'm feeling a little bit nervous, but that will all go away once i walk in the door and strut my fabulous self to my cubby. 
8:00 - kiss parents goodbye. omg this is happening. omg. ok chloe settle down. you can do this. 
8:01 - hop out of car and walk through the huge doors. ok. this is awesome. i'm officially a cool big kid. wow. real school. kindergarten. i can't wait to learn how to read, and color in the lines, and learn to spell. this is going to be great. 
8:02 - get lost on the way into my classroom. wait a second. i forget which classroom is mine. ahh. why couldn't mommy and daddy help me find my classroom. big kid school is a little scarier than i thought. uh oh. no one is around what do i do? where do i go? there are so many doors to choose from. 
8:03 - have a mini self pity party with tears because my classroom still can't be located. ugh i really don't want to look like a cry baby but i can't find my classroom. waahh. 
8:10 - finally rescued by a teacher's aid and walked to my classroom. this is a little embarrassing. hopefully this incident doesn't tarnish my reputation. but my classroom is so pretty. wow so many cute boys. i can't wait to play with all of these toys. 

so moral of the story is that i got lost on my first day to kindergarden. i was a wreck, but it all worked out in the end. kind of a boring story, but i don't really remember it that well. i promise the stories will get better with time. also, they won't all be laid out in this format. 

i hope y'all like this new series. 
don't forget to tweet me on christmas day (aka my birthday) ;) @preppydiaries

did you have an awkward experience in kindergarten? i'd love to hear! 
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  1. hahah aww this is so cute! And happy birthday girlie! xx