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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

what's crackalakin

hey there chickadees! 

so i was just stalking my blog (please tell me I'm not the only one that does it) and i just realized that i hadn't posted on my blog as a mature eighteen year old. so since i'm eighteen now, i figured i better share some sophisticated writing, because this blog is all about sophisticated writing. 

so the first thing that i thought to write was five updates on my life
because some things never change, even when you turn 18 

1. i've been looking into colleges more seriously and my top three schools as of now (keep in mind i'm a junior so my top schools will most likely change) are boston university, michigan university at ann harbor, and washington university. I'm also considering charleston university. 
2. i have three drafts sitting in my email inbox that are super exciting and potentially life changing. i'm being a tad dramatic, but i've been waiting to send them since christmas but my mom told me i had to be respectful and wait until after new years day. (i'm sending them tomorrow) 
3. school work is so annoying and i can't wait to be done with online school. i only started because of my health issues, and now that i'm feeling soooo much better i am having difficulties being stuck at home by myself and self motivating myself to do school work. i can't wait until my senior year at real school. woo. holler.
4. speaking of real school, this summer i'm planning on coming up with a bucket list so i can make sure to have a super awesome senior year! 
5. i'm really hungry right now so i'm going to go eat some left over clam chowder from whole foods. mmm doesn't that sound appetizing? 

share some updates with me via twitter or the comments section! 
i love hearing from you! 

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  1. OMG COLLEGE. You're growing up too fast!!!
    1. My family is probably the biggest University of Michigan fans in the country. My grandparents have season tickets and the football games ARE A BLAST. Highly encourage it. Boston however is also a amazing choice! My mom went there for her undergrad and both of my parents got their masters from BU. They both loved it, and my mom constantly talks about how fun her undergrad was spent in Boston.
    2. You're going to have an amazing senior year! I highly encourage you to make a bucket list! A few months ago I wrote a post for SGG about how to make your senior year amazing, check it out for my secrets to senior year!

    Hope you have a fab New Year's Chloe! We need to catch up soon! (Sorry I know it was an extremely long comment)


  2. I stalk my blog too; I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that does that!

    - Sarah
    Chem & Cardigans