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Friday, January 24, 2014

airport awkwardness

hey there lovely ladies 

it's good to be chatting over here, but if ya miss me then be sure to follow along on popcosmo there have been a ton of new awesome posts up lately so you don't want to miss out.

this past week my mom and i traveled to salt lake city utah to learn more about the new product that cricut is launching. let me fill you in, the cricut explore is going to be all the rage very soon. it basically makes your crafts for you with the click of the button. all you have to do is design your craft online or choose a preexisting craft. crazyy. it's revolutionary. 

so anyway, no trip occurs without something awkward happening to me. 
and by trip i mean me leaving the house. 

so you see where this is going.
yes. i got myself into an awkward situation in the airport. 

if you've traveled recently then you know a little something about TSA. basically the security line jumped in a time machine to the 1990s and you don't have to take your shoes off, take your laptop out, or do anything when you go through the human x-ray slash tube machine. 

well, my mom got lucky and got to go through TSA but i had to do the 2010's security line. 
i made it through the line without any awkward occurrences. I spent most of the wait trying to figure out how the guys in front of me got so tall. aka these things were going through my head for the 20 minutes of line waiting 
"are they human? how the heck are they so tall"
"they must be basketball players"
"wow their luggage is so fancy"

and then i made it to the security guard who checks your id and plane ticket. 
this is where the awkward starts to begin.
my mom handed me the wrong plane ticket before she went through her special security so when the man scanned my ticket his device thing made a scary noise and a big red x popped up. 
the man told me that i had the wrong ticket and i informed him that my mom had my other ticket. 
he asked where my mom was and i told him that she was past security because she had tsa.
he then told me that i needed to wait off to the side and have her bring it to me. 

at this moment i was so embarrassed and frazzled that i did not know how i would get my mom to come give me the right ticket. did i 
a. scream across the airport to her 
b. start crying 
c. text her

c seemed like the most logical thing to do although i have to admit, a few tears did form.
so then i texted my mom and told her to give a security guard my ticket to give to me.
i though my awkward experience was over and that i would get my ticket and be reunited with my mom.

but no. 
my mom gave my ticket to an almost deaf security guard. 
this security guard also didn't know how to read or pronounce the name "chloe"

i saw the security guard walking over with my ticket and tried to catch his attention but i failed to do so. this guy then started screaming (SCREAMING) 

i then raised my hand like an embarrassed kid and said i'm over here, but since he was deaf (i'm not being sarcastic about the deaf thing, my mom said that he told her that he had a hearing problem) he didn't hear me. so he continued to scream 
until everyone in line around me said 

not only was my name screamed across the whole airport but my name was given an awkward R at the end of it. 
*insert red face and teary eyes*

so there you have it. the most embarrassing airport story. 

ugh. what did i do in my previous life that makes me the main character of these stories?

do you have an embarrassing airport story?
or any embarrassing stories so i can feel better about myself?

thanks for reading! 

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  1. surprisingly yes I do have a funny airport story, again involving TSA. I was going through security, about to put my toiletry bag through the scanner, when an officer picked a plastic bag of my feminine products out of my bag, and before I could do anything, waved them in front of the giant line behind me yelling: "Please make sure all liquids are in a quart sized bag that looks like this!" I was SO mortified I felt like curling up in a ball and dying hahahaha

  2. Well... I learned that you should never ever wear a glitter sweater through TSA......
    I wore one and it set off detectors. So I had to have a pat down, I just didn't know what to do so I said it didn't have to be "private" (the lady looked at me like I was crazy). Turns out my sports bra had metal in it & I had to take off of my sweater wearing my sports bra, going again through security.